Kirstie Simson

Kirstie Simson I continue to travel the world, teaching and performing dance improvisation. My research is embedded in my classes as I negotiate improvised dances with people of all cultures and backgrounds. As part of this exchange I perform in the places I visit, often with people from the area.

In summer 2014 I will be teaching in Copenhagen at the Danish National School of Theatre and Contemporary Dance and will perform at Dansehallerne. I will also teach at Ponderosa in Berlin and Casine Settarte in Puglia, Italy. In late July I will teach and perform at the Seattle Festival of Dance Improvisation with Michael Schumacher and Darrell Jones. From Seattle I go to Taipei to teach Cloud Gate Dance Theatre, Taiwan's premier dance company. I will also teach a workshop for dancers in Taipei and will perform with local artists.

I recently made a film about my work with Scottish filmmaker Katrina McPherson. Force of Nature lays out its fundamental principles and underlying philosophy.

At the University of Illinois I continue to pursue my interest in interdisciplinary learning through classes with dancers, actors, musicians, and engineers plus other students from across campus. In spring 2015 I intend to organize a weekend of dance activities specifically for students with disabilities. It is important to me that dance is inclusive of all people. This kick-starting project is intended to open up the possibility for such students to join my classes within the curriculum.